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ACOG Fiber Optic Cover


    100% Made in the USA


    When in bright sunlight or trying to make a precise shot the reticle on fiber optic powered Acogs is often too bright.  These adjustable fiber optic covers are designed to provide the ability to adjust the brightness of the reticle.


    • Piggyback RMR users will need our RMR Riser Mount for an unobstructed sight window


    • They slide into place and snap on without the need for tools or modification to the optic. 


    • Brightness can be adjusted by depressing the button on top and sliding it forward or backwards with one finger.  It has detents to automatically retain its position once adjusted.


    • When fully closed, almost all light is blocked giving you a very crisp, distinct reticle for precise shots.  When fully open in direct sun the reticle is brightly illuminated for quick acquisition and contrast without being too bright to cause blooming. 


    • If you need maximum brightness it can quickly and easily be removed.


    • TA31 4X32 Acog Models. (Not currently compatible with Ecos models with iron sights, kill flash devices,  laser filters, scope caps or anything that obstructs the obective of the optic.)


    • TA33 3X30 Acog Models.  This cover is designed to fit the latest version of the TA33 with the RMR boss and larger diameter turret caps.  It will fit the early version with smaller turret caps but it will not block the ambiant light as effectivly due to the gaps around the turret caps.  The front objective area is open and clearanced to allow accessories to be used (with an outside diameter no larger than 1.65" to a depth of .4" from the front of the optic).

    Designed and Manufactured in the USA


    If for any reason ( before installation of our AR MAG ADAPTERyou are dissatisfied with any of our products, please return the product unmarked and unused within 30 days of purchase for a full refund not including return shipping. 

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